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Manchester to Milan


Manchester to Milan

What is a girl from Manchester doing in Milan you might wonder.


While young Italians can’t wait to leave a country that they feel has nothing to offer, we Brits just keep on coming. It’s usually love that brings us here and the food and lifestyle that keeps us.tel  (0044) 0161 439 5197 mobile (0044) 0776 968 8748 sales@webbaviation.co.uk

In a world obsessed with money and success, to us, Italy still seems to offer some solace from the rat race. Although Milan is the financial heart of Italy and one of the world’s great fashion capitals and as such might not seem to really fit the bill, on the outskirts, there is still the chance to go back in time and be part of a real community, just like in England fifty years ago.

milano piazza del duomo

As Britons used to living in towns and cities with solid infrastructures, including fast and efficient public transport, a move to small town Italy can be a bit of a shock to the system. There are train stations, it’s true, but very often there are no buses to take you there. You have to go by car, but if I had a car then surely I would drive it to wherever it is I had to go?!It often seems that someone in public office once had a good idea and then gave up half way. Just like with the road signs. You often see a sign for, oh I don’t know, the library, you follow it then suddenly the signs disappear and you find yourself stuck in a maze of one way streets. Aaaargh! Despite these little set backs, Milan still compares favourably to Manchester for quality of living, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. More about that next time!


 Sarah Gudgeon, April 2014, Mozzafiato Copyright

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