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A True Love Affair

Yesterday saw the opening of the new and improved premises of Caffè Milani in Lipomo (CO) to celebrate 80 years since the factory first opened its doors.

The six year building project was overseen by Dott. Pierluigi Milani himself who runs the company with the same passion that his father before him did, and whose daughter has followed in his footsteps, with his son also set to join them soon.

But in a land full of coffee, what makes the Milani brand so special?  Is it the quality of the coffee beans, the constant nod to tradition while still keeping up with modern consumer demands or is it quite simply the people?

I’m inclined to think that it’s the Milani family themselves and their dedication not only to offering the best coffee that they can but also the pleasure they get from bringing the ‘coffee culture’ alive for so many people.

This was evident in the attention to detail that could be seen in the exhibition on the second floor which takes visitors on a journey from the origins of the coffee bean right through to the cup it’s poured into. Well worth a visit, it’s open to the public on the first and third Friday of every month. Book your place on  www.caffemilani.it/esposizione-milani

And to really immerse yourself in the coffee culture why not think about other uses for this magical gift from Mother Nature.

We all know it tastes great and gives us the perfect excuse to meet up with friends but don’t forget that you can also use it in your favourite recipes, like Tiramisù, in cocktails such as The Espresso Martini and as part of your beauty routine.

Leftover ground coffee from your mocha or percolator can be mixed with massage oil to form the perfect scrub. What could be better? You smell good enough to eat and your skin is as smooth as silk.

In collaboration with Irene Garofano https://www.facebook.com/ireforever/


Sarah Gudgeon, june 2017 – © Mozzafiato

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